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Gambling in Wyoming is centered around three tribal casinos, which are located in Fremont county. Aside from that, the state offers charitable bingo and raffles and pari-mutuel horse race wagers. The state doesn’t have its own lottery or commercial casinos. Online gambling isn’t regulated in the Cowboy State, so Wyoming residents don’t have the access to any locally licensed iGaming services.

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Like most US states, Wyoming does criminalize participating in illegal games of chance under Section 6-7 of Wyoming statutes. The definition of gambling which is relevant to this issue is fairly broad, but does not mention internet or online play. This means that many players are convinced that playing online is different from live games from a legal perspective and that using offshore iGaming sites is perfectly legal. The crucial piece of information is the fact that the local authorities aren’t interested in prosecuting individual players, so the legality of online gambling in Wyoming has never been determined during a trial.

Wyoming Online Gambling FAQ

What laws cover online gambling in Wyoming?

Almost all of the issues that have to do with real money gaming are regulated by Section 6 of Wyoming code. None of these laws refer specifically to internet gaming, so many people believe that playing on sites Bovada to gamble isn’t considered a punishable offence.

Is real money online gambling legal in Wyoming?

As briefly touched on above, internet real money gaming is most likely legal – and even if it wasn’t the local authorities aren’t doing anything to punish offshore site customers.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Wyoming residents?

Most major offshore sites accept Wyoming-based players and are in fact quite popular among Wyoming residents.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Wyoming -facing sites?

Wyoming-based gambling enthusiasts generally prefer to fund their offshore accounts via a standard credit or debit card payment. The most popular and convenient cash-out option is probably a wire transfer, but some high-rollers tend to rely on checks, which are fairly useful for moving huge amounts of money.

Does Wyoming offer any intrastate online gambling?

As inconvenient as it may be for some of the Wyoming-based iGaming enthusiasts, no. Unlike Nevada and a few other gambling-friendly states, the state of Wyoming has never launched a regulated iGamng industry.

Is it likely for Wyoming to regulate online gambling?

Wyoming doesn’t have a large land-based gambling industry, so it should come as no surprise that online gambling regulations aren’t very high on the agenda of local lawmakers. Consequently, it seems very unlikely for Wyoming to introduce any iGaming-friendly legislation in the foreseeable future.

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