West Virginia Online Gambling Laws

West Virginia is a gambling-friendly state with plenty of options for the local real money gaming enthusiasts. The Mountain State has commercial casinos and if that wasn’t enough, the local racetracks are allowed to offer casino-style games as well. West Virginia also allows pari-mutuel betting, charitable gambling and bingo. The state also operates its own lottery and is planning to start selling lottery tickets online in 2015.

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Gambling in West Virginia is covered by West Virginia code, Section 61-10. The current regulations prohibit West Virginia residents from taking part in many unlicensed games with real money involved, but the list doesn’t mention games that are played over the internet. As a result, it’s impossible to tell whether this list should be applied to online gambling scenarios. So far no players have been prosecuted, so there is no court interpretation that could help us shed some light on this issue.

West Virginia Online Gambling FAQ

What laws cover online gambling in West Virginia?

Playing games of chance for money in land-based gambling establishments is covered rather extensively by  Section 61 of West Virginia code. However, none of the West Virginia regulations apply specifically to online play, which means that there are no laws that could prevent local gambling enthusiasts from using quality offshore gambling platforms, such as Bovada.

Is real money online gambling legal in West Virginia?

Most probably yes. Online gambling isn’t explicitly prohibited by West Virginia code and the authorities simply don’t bother with investigating individual players.

Which offshore gambling sites accept West Virginia residents?

West Virginia-based players are free to enjoy all the high-traffic offshore sites, including Bovada poker, casino and sportsbook.

What are the most popular banking options supported by West Virginia -facing sites?

Unlike the European and Asian sites, most US-facing casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks don’t give you all that many banking options to choose from. In most cases Visa and MasterCard work best when it comes to making a deposit, while wire transfers are the cheapest way of cashing out.

Does West Virginia offer any intrastate online gambling?

No. There is no legal framework that’d allow the local businesses to launch West Virginia-facing sites. Any site that claims to be licensed and regulated in West Virginia should be treated with caution, as there’s literally no reason to play on sketchy sites with so many quality services like Bovada around.

Is it likely for West Virginia to regulate online gambling?

West Virginia is currently in the process of introducing new regulations that’d allow online lottery sales. However, it’s impossible to predict whether this will lead to any new iGaming legislation or not.

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More Legal Resources for West Virginia Residents


District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia
Official website of the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia. The site includes access to information about the court and its operations, including general information, information on the Attorney General, court fees, a court calendar, district court forms, as well as access to local rules and opinions.

The West Virginia Judicial System
Official website of the West Virginia Judicial System, with links to information on the Supreme Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, Family Courts, Magistrate Courts, Municipal Courts and the mental hygiene and juvenile systems.

US District Court Northern District of West Virginia
United States District Court Northern District of West Virginia website, providing information and assistance regarding the West Virginia courts.

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
The official website of the West Virginia Court System’s Supreme Court of Appeals, with general information about West Virginia Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeals, legal references, and a list of lawyers and judges.

West Virginia Trial Court Rules
A detailed description of the many rules that govern the court in West Virginia. Rules apply to council, defendant, jury members and also deal with general procedure.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Agencies in West Virginia
This site has a search capability to help citizens navigate the many West Virginia law enforcement agencies. There are 342 law enforcement agencies in West Virginia, including police departments, sheriff offices, coroners, medical examiners, and state agencies.

West Virginia Department of Corrections
Official site of the West Virginia Department of Corrections. The site includes locations of West Virginia prisons, information on parole services, a link to West Virginia correctional industries, and victims services.

West Virginia Firefighters
The source for West Virginia fire and EMS incident news, pictures and information. This site includes fire grant information, for sale used and demo fire apparatus and equipment, and the largest gallery of West Virginia fire apparatus photos on the Internet.

West Virginia Sex Offender Registry
Official site of the West Virginia Police sex offender registry.

West Virginia State Police
Official website of the West Virginia State police. The site includes access to information ranging from a list of West Virginia’s Most Wanted and missing children to its road and weather conditions and contact information.

Law Libraries/Schools

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals State Law Library
West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals State Law Library. Includes access to library resources such as the library catalogue and the legal research center.

West Virginia University
Website of the West Virginia University with a link to the College of Law.


West Virginia Constitution
Official website detailing the constitution of the state of West Virginia, including all articles and amendments.

West Virginia Governor
Official website of the 34th governor of West Virginia, Earl Ray Tomblin. The site includes information on the governor and his wife, links to a newsroom and archives, a list of cabinet officials and appointments, as well as a photo gallery.

West Virginia House of Delegates Committees
Includes a list, with links, to various committees of the West Virginia House of Delegates, from Agriculture to Veterans Affairs.

West Virginia Secretary of State
Official website of the West Virginia Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant.

West Virginia Senate Committees
Website includes a list, with links, to the various committees of the West Virginia Senate, from Agriculture to Transportation and Infrastructure.

West Virginia Senate President
Website of the West Virginia Senate President and Lieutenant Governor, Jeffrey Kessler.

West Virginia Speaker of the House of Delegates
Website of the West Virginia Speaker of the House of Delegates, Richard Thompson.

West Virginia State Bar
The website provides useful information regarding law and West Virginia.

West Virginia State Legislature
Official website of the West Virginia State Legislature. The site provides access to various resources including contact information, legislation and educational materials.

West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office
Official website of the West Virginia State Treasurer, John D. Perdue. Features state agency and public forms, information on programs, including the West Virginia prepaid college plan.

West Virginia State Website
Official website for the government of West Virginia.

West Virginia Statutes and Codes
A searchable link to various West Virginia statutes and codes through the West Virginia Legislature website.


West Virginia Government Agencies
A list, with links, to various Departments, Bureaus, Boards and Offices of Officials, in the West Virginia State government.

Professional Associations

West Virginia Bar Association
Official site of the West Virginia Bar Association. The West Virginia Bar Association, organized July 8, 1886, was formed to advance the science of jurisprudence; to promote reform in the law; to facilitate the administration of justice; to uphold integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession; to encourage liberal education; and to cultivate cordial intercourse among the members of the bar. The site includes a list of events, affiliates, divisions, and more.

Public Defender Information

Office of the West Virginia Attorney General
Official website of the Office of the West Virginia Attorney General, Darrell V. McGraw. The site includes news announcements, publications, information on the Attorney General and various departments.

Public Interest Organizations

League of Women Voters of West Virginia
The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan volunteer organization working to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. It does support or oppose legislation after serious study and substantial agreement among its members. Membership is open to any citizen 18 years of age or older

West Virginia Municipal League
The Association for West Virginia cities, towns and villages. The municipal league is a statewide, nonprofit, nonpartisan association established in 1968 to assist local governments and advance the interests of the citizens.