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Utah has the reputation of the least gambling-friendly state in the entire country – and to be completely honest, it is well deserved. Utah regulations make it impossible for local businesses to offer regulated land-based gambling. Even charity raffles and bingo games are considered illegal and unlike in the case of Hawaii, the local law enforcement is very serious about keeping the state completely gambling-free.

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Utah has a simple definition of gambling. According to Utah code, Section 76, gambling is risking anything of value upon the outcome of a contest or a game when the outcome involves an element of chance. Since all gambling is considered unlawful, all players face a misdemeanor charge when caught. The punishments get more severed with subsequent offences and the Utah code has been updated in 2012 just to add a regulation that would specifically prohibit online gambling.

Utah Online Gambling FAQ

What laws cover online gambling in Utah?

Gambling in Utah is covered by Utah code, Section 76. The local regulations are as extremely restrictive and the local police is doesn’t joke around when it comes to enforcing them. As unfortunate as it is, playing on offshore poker sites is inherently risky there.

Is real money online gambling legal in Utah?

No. Utah regulations prohibit gambling within the borders of the state and there’s no doubt that this also applies to playing games of chance on offshore sites.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Utah residents?

Despite the fact that online gambling is illegal in Utah, most offshore gambling sites don’t mind accepting Utah-based customers.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Utah -facing sites?

Most of the Utah residents who decide to take the risk and play on offshore sites cover their gambling expenses using standard credit card payments. When it comes to withdrawals, Utah players don’t receive any special treatment, which means that they have to choose between a bank wire transfer and a check by courier.

Does Utah offer any intrastate online gambling?

No, Utah doesn’t allow gambling in any shape or form. This obviously applies to internet games.

Is it likely for Utah to regulate online gambling?

No. It’s literally impossible for Utah to introduce any iGaming-friendly laws in the foreseeable future. The local lawmakers have already stated that even the federal government can’t force them to change their attitude towards online gambling or gambling in general.

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