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Land-based gambling in Texas is fairly popular and the state doesn’t have any restrictive gambling-related laws in place. Local gambling enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby in a tribal casino or at the racetrack. Like most US states, Texas operates its own lottery, which is also available over the internet.  Social gambling and charitable gambling are allowed, but the state doesn’t have any regulated online gambling sites.

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According to Section 47 of the Texas code, participating in any form of illegal gambling is a misdemeanor. Gambling in your home is an exception to this rule, but it’s hard to say whether this exception extends to online play. Aside from the lottery-related regulations, Texas gambling-related statutes simply don’t mention online play and the authorities have never tried prosecuting someone for playing at an offshore iGaming site.

Texas Online Gambling FAQ

What laws cover online gambling in Texas?

The rules and regulations that have to do with gambling in general are listed in Section 47 of the Texas code. Online play is never mentioned in the passages referring to casino-style games and sportsbetting activities, so it’s very hard to determine whether those general regulations apply to offshore sites’ customers or not.

Is real money online gambling legal in Texas?

Determining the current legal status of online gambling via offshore services is very hard. As mentioned above, the authorities have never tried prosecuting internet gamblers, so it’s impossible to say whether they’d be able to get a conviction or not.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Texas residents?

Most offshore sites are glad to accept Texas-based players.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Texas -facing sites?

Credit and debit card deposits are probably the best and most convenient option with most sites, as they tend to be quick and fairly reliable as long as your card has been cleared for international transactions. When it comes to withdrawals, most sites prefer to stick to bank wire transfers. However, in some cases it might be possible to cash out via a check by courier, especially if you want to withdraw a huge amount of money.

Does Texas offer any intrastate online gambling?

Texas doesn’t have any regulated sites similar to the casinos and poker rooms that have been made available to Nevada and New Jersey residents over the past few years. However, Texas lottery tickets can be purchased online.

Is it likely for Texas to regulate online gambling?

No. Texas regulations have recently been adjusted to allow for online lottery ticket sales and nothing seems to indicate that the local lawmakers are planning to take it any further.

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