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Minnesota is a fairly gambling-friendly state, especially when it comes to land-based games. The state has several Indian casinos and the local racetrack is currently working on opening the first commercial gambling establishment in the area. Like most US states, Minnesota has a state-run lottery and allows pari-mutuel betting. However, the state doesn’t have regulated online gambling aside from some pull-tab games that can be played remotely since late 2012.

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Section 609 of Minnesota code criminalizes unregulated gambling and the act of gambling itself has a rather broad definition. Most gambling-related offenses are likely to result in misdemeanor charges, but the state doesn’t specifically prohibit online play. Consequently, the legal status of playing on offshore sites is rather complicated, but it’s worth pointing out that the state never tried applying the general laws to offshore site customers. This means that this issue has never been tackled in front of the court – and since the authorities aren’t interested in prosecuting individual players anyway, most people simply assume that online gambling is legal within the borders of the state.

Minnesota Online Gambling FAQ

What laws cover online gambling in Minnesota?

All of the issues dealing with playing games of chances for money in a land-based setting are explained in the Minnesota coda. Despite the fact that none of the Minnesota regulations refer to online gambling directly, you need to keep in mind that it may be argued that some of the regulations do indeed extend to online play. However, Minnesota authorities have never attempted actually using this loophole the prosecute an online player, which is the reason why most experts consider Minnesota to be a rather iGaming-friendly state.

Is real money online gambling legal in Minnesota?

Internet gambling isn’t prohibited in Minnesota and the local law enforcement isn’t interested in using the existing regulations to prevent Minnesota residents from playing on offshore sites.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Minnesota residents?

Most offshore sites accept new customers from Minnesota due to the fact that the local regulations do not prohibit online gambling.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Minnesota -facing sites?

If you live in Minnesota, the best way to make a deposit to an offshore site would be to use your credit or debit card. Cashing out also shouldn’t be much of an issue, as most sites will allow you to choose between a standard wire transfer and a VIP check by courier. Please note that the latter withdrawal method is rather expensive and should be used exclusively for large payouts.

Does Minnesota offer any intrastate online gambling?

With the exception of remote pull-tab games, Minnesota-based companies aren’t allowed to offer remote gambling products. This means that Minnesota-based gamblers have to stick to offshore sites that accept new customers from the United States, such as Bovada.

Is it likely for Minnesota to regulate online gambling?

Minnesota isn’t one of the states that are firmly against legalized online gambling, but unfortunately the local lawmakers aren’t interested in pushing for a new iGaming bill either. This means that while Minnesota is likely to regulate its online gambling in the future, the change won’t happen anytime soon.

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