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Arizona isn’t exactly the most gambling-friendly state in the country, but land-based gambling enthusiasts are free to visit the tribal casinos operated by the Gila River Indian Community or to wager on the horse and greyhound races held at the local racetracks. Please note that those Indian casinos had to fight an uphill legal battle for their very existence back in the nineties. Consequently, Arizona casinos generally aren’t interested in moving their business online, as they’re afraid that their brick-and-mortar will simply lose relevance if the state opts to launch its own online gambling market.

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Arizona regulations don’t mention playing on offshore gambling sites, which means that theoretically speaking, it simply isn’t considered a punishable offense. However, the local laws are rather strict when dealing with unlicensed land-based gambling. Consequently, the legal status of online play in Arizona is somewhat ambiguous, as many lawyers argue whether the general laws can be applied to playing on unlicensed iGaming sites or not. Fortunately, the local authorities have never tried using this loophole to go after individual Internet gamblers, so most industry experts agree that Arizona is perfectly safe when it comes to online play.

Arizona Online Gambling FAQ

What laws cover online gambling in Arizona?

Section 13 of Arizona Code covers gambling within the borders of the state. Keep in mind that while none of the aforementioned laws deal with internet gaming, there’s nothing to stop the Arizona police from asserting that local laws may be applied to internet games. Fortunately, this theory hasn’t been put into practice and the prosecution of players is literally non-existent. The authorities simply stick to tracking down illegal gambling operators instead.

Is real money online gambling legal in Arizona?

As briefly touched on above, internet gaming isn’t prohibited in Arizona.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Arizona residents?

Most sites have absolutely no qualms about accepting new players from Arizona, but we’d definitely recommend sticking with Bovada, as it’s the most trustworthy offshore site on the US market these days.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Arizona -facing sites?

Popular options include credit and debit card payments, prepaid cards and money orders. Please note that domestic-only cards aren’t compatible with offshore sites, so you should definitely make sure that your Visa or MasterCard has been cleared for international transactions before you try to make an actual money transfer.

Does Arizona offer any intrastate online gambling?

Unlike New Jersey or Nevada, Arizona doesn’t have a local iGaming industry. Arizona-based companies are prohibited from offering online gambling, which means that Arizona residents are stuck with offshore gambling sites.

Is it likely for Arizona to regulate online gambling?

While it isn’t very likely to happen in a year or two, some of the Arizona lawmakers are known for acting pro-iGaming in the past. For example, Arizona Senator John Kyl became quite famous among online gambling enthusiasts by trying to pass a liberal online gambling bill along with Senator Harry Reid from Nevada.

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